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5 Employee Benefits That Promote a Strong Work-Life Balance


All employers want to have a team of loyal, dedicated workers, but what does it take? Today’s generation of workers is seeking a more positive work-life balance. As an employer, you can foster higher employee loyalty by offering certain benefits to your current and prospective employees. 

Your employees are often married, building a family, and value working for a company that recognizes that life is more than just work. You can increase employee retention and loyalty by offering benefits that both increase productivity and create a better work-life balance. 

1. Flexible Working Hours

As much as possible, offer your employees flexibility in their working hours to create a balance that is more workable for parents, who typically must collect their children from school at about 3:00 PM. Rather than making this a problem, show that you understand the challenges of being a working parent and allow them to schedule their workday around their lives, rather than the opposite.

2. Work-From-Home Option

For many employees, there are those days when working from home makes more sense. If an employee’s job duties allow for working remotely, put it in place. The Pew Research Center reveals that 54 percent of employees prefer to work from home. 68 percent say they are more able to get their work done without interruptions when working remotely. 

3. More Personal Time Off

Life brings many challenges, and life events rarely fit well with the standard 9-5 PM or 8-5 PM schedules. A child who is ill, a pet that needs a trip to the vet, a dental appointment – the list goes on. Offering more personal time off allows your employees to manage their life events more easily, and they appreciate it.

4. Employee Perks

Your employees love perks, such as healthy snacks, onsite food, coffee, massages, and outdoor and indoor spaces to rest and restore. The more perks you offer, the better. If you don’t have an onsite cafeteria, order in a weekly free lunch, or provide them with a lunch budget they can spend at a local eatery.

5. Group Benefits

It goes almost without saying that your range of employee benefits is a critical point in attracting the best talent. Group health insurance, employer matching funds for retirement accounts, along with group dental and life insurance, are among the most important for current and prospective employees. Ensure you offer a competitive suite of benefits.

The Help You Need, Locally

Our talented local agents can help you establish a competitive benefits package for your workforce. We understand that these programs affect your bottom line, and we go above and beyond to craft your program with the best benefits at the lowest rates possible from reputable providers. 

Every business is different in the products or services they offer the community. We can work closely with you to help you develop a benefits plan that can help attract the talent you need to keep your business flourishing and your employees happy.

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